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Central PA Paranormal Believers meetup

Last Saturday I attend the Central PA Paranormal Believers meetup. I wasn’t sure what I was walking into but they were all very nice people. I told them up front that I was an atheist and a skeptic and didn’t believe in the paranormal. The topic of this meetings was mainly pendulums and some talked about dowsing rods. When they brought up dowsing rods I asked if there was a selector switch on the dowsing rods to pick what you where looking for. And if not how do you know when your finding ghost and not water and so on. They gave some answer that had something to being intune with the water or ghost. The talk went back to the pendulums with a nice handout about how to clean,use select a good pendulum. I asked a few question while they were talking about pendulums. Questions I asked was would the pendulum move if your hand was braced. They answered “some say no some say yes, the pendulum may move because your subconscious mind controls its movement. some say it moves by itself.” They talked about how you should use your left hand if right handed. Because your right hand is your thinking hand and so on. I brought up what hand would you use if your ambidextrous and they said use your weaker hand. I read I the handout about how pendulums can become contaminated with psychic residual as they talked about how to buy a pendulum’s and how you want to touch them all and see which one speaks to you. I then asked wouldn’t the pendulum store owner be upset you contaminating all his pendulum’s with your psychic residual. And they said said you clean the pendulum’s with sea salt or by leaving it in moon light. Well there was some more said but every time I said something the lady next to me said “you are very deep”. Shortly after that everyone but myself grabbed a pendulum or wiped out there dowsing rods and went ghost hunting around the art studio . After awhile everyone came back to the table and talked about all the ghost they talked too. They said something about some little boy being scared and a guy ghost who hated the old Masonic lodge across the street. I asked then are ghost cognitive in anyway can they learn anything from talking to you and do they remember talking you. I got another answer about how some do some don’t. Well it was a 2 hour meeting and I had allot a fun they said they liked me being there and they were all nice people.


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  1. I think you advanced the cause of skepticism by being nice when they thought you were going to be militant. You disarmed them with kindness making them more receptive to your comments and questions.

    Comment by Overon | January 21, 2009 | Reply

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