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nothing makes me more happier then a christian and a new ager going at it.

I was called into work today and on the way home I was listening to podcast which I do for about 8 to 10 hours a day. Podcast or audio books same difference.  Well anyway I am an atheist and skeptics who hates himself so I listen to both intelligent design the future by the discovery institute and Alex Tsakiris A new ager of sorts with paranormal podcast called skeptico. So I was listening to skeptico and he had a guest named  Denyse O’Leary. I believe she is a fellow or just have close ties to the discovery institute. she has been on the ID future podcast half dosen times and she is very anoying imo. well I guess alex tsakiris thought the same thing becuase he wanted t to talk about near death experiences and she wanted to talk about the ID evolution debate. which got to him I think and he started to use NDE’s (near death experiences ) to ask if you needed jesus to get into heaven and so on.  Most of the podcast turned into a fight and this made me very happy. nothing make me more happy then believers fighting each other as long as there not killing or hurting each other.  I kind of think of it as russia fighting germany or iraq fighting iran.


Skeptico check out podcast 62 with denyse O’leary
ID the future in


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  1. What was even more glorious about that interview is Alex thought he had himself a fundy bible thumper who subscribes to the “jesus is the only way into heaven”. But what he got himself was a Canadian catholic who has to somewhat tout Catholic doctrine that people of other faiths can also get into heaven. Alex kept trying to shoe horn his guest into first admitting only jesus folks get into heaven, and then he could crush her with his massive NDE evidence. But of course she wouldn’t admit it and Alex became a bigger prick.

    Comment by kamamer | October 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. Alex has been getting worse lately I subscribe to his show out of self loathing. i also listen to discovery institutes intelligent design the future where i first heard denyse O’leary speak.

    Comment by jehovahgodofgaps | October 1, 2009 | Reply

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