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should I start writeing my idea down more?

Should I write down my ideas and start to blog more?  I want to and don’t at the same time. I love how fluid my idea’s are and feel writing out my ideas could be a bad thing in a way. first is that it would burn my ideas into a harder neuro path or i would start my thinking off from where i left off in writing instead of thinking from scratch every-time. its like how you never take the back roads with the better view because there is a highway with a high speed limit. you miss the texture of a country side. I have a feeling that writing would turn my idea’s into that highway. some sort of neuro dogma not allowing me to turn my thinking on a dime. and if I still did, it would be a source of quote mining for people to say i was a Hippocrate when I had evolved and sincerely changed my idea’s due to new evidence.  But i need to improve my writing and communication skills and writing is the only thing i can think of to help that.


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trying to start a Coalition of Reason in central PA notepad dump

Below is just my notepad dump I spent the whole afternoon calling up group leaders and getting there responses,looking up group links,maps i have been to every meeting listed and know ever group leader in person I live in the middle of all these groups.

i have just started to work on this idea so i am still hashing things out. feel free to take issue with anything i want this to be a tool not burden.

ideas for central pa cor
i want to first focus on
#1 It lays the groundwork for the local Coalition of Reason—an informal body—to act as a forum for group leaders and a clearinghouse for public information on local groups.

groups response to idea of starting the cor in central pa (tell me if i mis quoted or you disagree with I like the idea thats why i am doing this lol lewisburg pa, meetup rodney liked the idea wilkes barre, meetup Dave DeGroote likes the idea state collage,meetup Pollyanna Puckett liked the idea                        lock haven, student group steve Neubauer liked the idea as long as it dosent envolve more work for himself york and harrisburg PA nonblievers
state collage student group I have no contact information and have not met many members yet.                                                          state collage student group  Brought up the idea after religulous but didn’t have much time to talk  lewisburg, student group
Pennsylvania atheist map           <————————————————————good map all groups in pa

things i have notice that make the Central pa cor difficult its
130 miles between york pa and wilkes barre pa
130 miles between state collage pa and wilkes barre pa
we could get a bus and fill it in 5 and half hours,+Pennsylvania&daddr=Lewisburg,+PA+to:lock+haven+to:State+College,+PA+to:harrisburg+pa+to:york+pa&hl=en&geocode=&mra=ls&sll=40.688969,-76.703796&sspn=1.539022,3.56781&ie=UTF8&ll=40.195659,-75.866089&spn=3.100585,7.13562&t=h&z=8
map of trip hitting all groups locations < google map I threw together to

what do we call this group do we want to stick with the COR phillyCOR newyorkCOR? ideas welcome

ideas and goals
setting up a mail list just for the cor group
make list of group leaders and contact information email and phone maybe mail address if members would
open up routes of communication
talk about news letter exchange pdf or other electronic format would work best. or ask other groups for submissions to groups with news letters

have meeting info numbers of people at the meeting and short list of things talked about or new ideas.   (new)10.22.09

if anyone wants to email me my email is or call at 570.809.5353

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Darwin weekend

This last weekend was very busy. Darwin day was Thursday Drinking skeptically was Friday the 13th and I went to Dover for a picture with the praise Darwin billboard in the Dover Pa. Same town that in 2005 tried to teach intelligent design in schools. Well Sunday I believe we set a Dover record for most atheist in the town. I also got to eat lunch and talk to Jeffrey brown former school board member who resigned after the school board decided to teach intelligent design.

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nothing makes me more happier then a christian and a new ager going at it.

I was called into work today and on the way home I was listening to podcast which I do for about 8 to 10 hours a day. Podcast or audio books same difference.  Well anyway I am an atheist and skeptics who hates himself so I listen to both intelligent design the future by the discovery institute and Alex Tsakiris A new ager of sorts with paranormal podcast called skeptico. So I was listening to skeptico and he had a guest named  Denyse O’Leary. I believe she is a fellow or just have close ties to the discovery institute. she has been on the ID future podcast half dosen times and she is very anoying imo. well I guess alex tsakiris thought the same thing becuase he wanted t to talk about near death experiences and she wanted to talk about the ID evolution debate. which got to him I think and he started to use NDE’s (near death experiences ) to ask if you needed jesus to get into heaven and so on.  Most of the podcast turned into a fight and this made me very happy. nothing make me more happy then believers fighting each other as long as there not killing or hurting each other.  I kind of think of it as russia fighting germany or iraq fighting iran.


Skeptico check out podcast 62 with denyse O’leary
ID the future in

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Central PA Paranormal Believers meetup

Last Saturday I attend the Central PA Paranormal Believers meetup. I wasn’t sure what I was walking into but they were all very nice people. I told them up front that I was an atheist and a skeptic and didn’t believe in the paranormal. The topic of this meetings was mainly pendulums and some talked about dowsing rods. When they brought up dowsing rods I asked if there was a selector switch on the dowsing rods to pick what you where looking for. And if not how do you know when your finding ghost and not water and so on. They gave some answer that had something to being intune with the water or ghost. The talk went back to the pendulums with a nice handout about how to clean,use select a good pendulum. I asked a few question while they were talking about pendulums. Questions I asked was would the pendulum move if your hand was braced. They answered “some say no some say yes, the pendulum may move because your subconscious mind controls its movement. some say it moves by itself.” They talked about how you should use your left hand if right handed. Because your right hand is your thinking hand and so on. I brought up what hand would you use if your ambidextrous and they said use your weaker hand. I read I the handout about how pendulums can become contaminated with psychic residual as they talked about how to buy a pendulum’s and how you want to touch them all and see which one speaks to you. I then asked wouldn’t the pendulum store owner be upset you contaminating all his pendulum’s with your psychic residual. And they said said you clean the pendulum’s with sea salt or by leaving it in moon light. Well there was some more said but every time I said something the lady next to me said “you are very deep”. Shortly after that everyone but myself grabbed a pendulum or wiped out there dowsing rods and went ghost hunting around the art studio . After awhile everyone came back to the table and talked about all the ghost they talked too. They said something about some little boy being scared and a guy ghost who hated the old Masonic lodge across the street. I asked then are ghost cognitive in anyway can they learn anything from talking to you and do they remember talking you. I got another answer about how some do some don’t. Well it was a 2 hour meeting and I had allot a fun they said they liked me being there and they were all nice people.

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curse of the railroad gods

I am cursed i was very excited to goto NEPA freethinker meeting that started at 3pm today but then at 12:14pm i was called into work to go look at false activation of crossing. allot of times calls for crossings is as simple as reseting cards similar to pci card in a computer. well i thought this will be short call so i left as soon as i got to call(most times i take my time to get ready since i get paid by the hour from time of call). its about a 40 min drive so i was sure i could get there fix it and be back by 2:15 so i rush there getting there a 12:45 and look at the sydt a card on the box controlling flasher light activation at crossing. the box is called a phase motion detector and has 2 reading one is rx and the other is phase angle it works by phase and rx dropping raising to determine direction and speed of the train. the great thing with this system is that it tell if the train is stopped or backing away from the crossing and will rise the gate to let traffic move if the train no threat to the crossing. the RX and phase of every crossing is always some what different crossing to crossing but at this crossing normal range is 85/74 that is rx over phase, when i checked sydt card i had a 85/107. 107 is very high and I knew just what it was it was an open shunt wire. (shunts are the limits of the crossing protection, the limits are often a few hundred feet up tracks depending on track speed you need longer starts for areas with faster track speeds. well anyway back to troubles at this crossing. So i headed to limits where shunt wire where and they looked fine but i replaced them anyway and i walked to the other and still the light where going and bells where ringing witch pissed me off a lot since this was taking way longer then i had expected it to be in the first place replacing the shunt wires took some time about 2o to 30 to punch out the old chicken heads and knock in the new ones and it was already 2:30 and even if i got done just then i would be late for the meeting after i got home and took a shower and went to wilkesbarre where the meeting would be held. So i just shunted the track by the crossing to see if the reading would change with a shunt near the crossing witch it should since the closer you shunt the track to the crossing the lower the reading. The shunt produced no change so i shunted it at the surge arrester still no effect and then i shunted the pmd box, still nothing. Turns out now i did not know what that 107 phase reading was, the reading was caused by pmd being dead most likely taken a lightning hit burning up some electrical circuit. Since my pmd box was dead i had to have co worker called into work to bring me a part from Lockhaven over an hour. Make it short i didn’t see the new working box till about 5:30. skipping over a lot of details but after i got everything rewired and tested and as i was wrapping up got another call from the trouble desk turns out another crossing was activated. To finish i didn’t get home till after 10 pm.

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